Progress Report Information

Here at RA Long, we have a grade check process for all student athletes.   During the weekly grade checks, any student with a current failing grade will receive a progress report with the attached instructions:


If you are receiving this paper, you have one or more “F” grades at this time.

You may NOT practice or play in games until these grade(s) are passing.

To once again participate you must:

1. Have the yellow paper signed by your teacher with either a letter grade or a “P” which stand for “progressing toward raising grade”

2. Once there are no longer F’s on the yellow sheet, it must be signed off by Mr. Reeves, Mr. McCabe or Ms. Griffiths.

3. Once it is signed off by an administrator, give the yellow sheet to your coach to begin full participation.

R.A. Long believes in STUDENT-ATHLETES! Grades before sports!!

Work hard!


Click HERE to download the Progress Report.