Lumberjacks News · Information for Athletic Spectators

Message from Athletic Director Mr. McCabe:

**Feb 26, 2021 UPDATE**

After two weeks of successful competition, we feel comfortable expanding our spectators while still meeting Department of Health guidelines in an effort to provide more opportunities to parents and families.

  • Specific communication will continue to be sent to parents / guardians who will remain first to reserve tickets UP TO 1:00 PM ON THE DAY OF THE HOME EVENT. (Number of tickets is on a sport-by-sport basis).
  • After pre-reserved tickets (parents / guardians / family members) have been issued, the remaining number of allowable spaces will be filled at the gate until we reach capacity guidelines.
  • Admission will remain free for this year.
  • Junior Varsity events will now be open to family members only.
  • Spectators will need to vacate between JV and varsity events in order to allow for proper sanitization and planning.
  • If a parent / guardian is planning to attend both JV and varsity events on the same night, their ticket will indicate admission for both events. In this instance, spectators will still need to leave the facility between JV / varsity events


** Original Post – Feb. 16, 2021

In moving to Phase two, the Southwest Region will be able to offer competition for our moderate and higher risk sports (i.e. volleyball, soccer, softball, & Football).

We will continue to follow the Healthy Washington Sport and Activity Guidelines produced by the Department of Health. With these guidelines we will be limited in our ability to serve spectators at these athletic contests.

In addition, the GSHL 2A League will not allow VISITING spectators at athletic contests. Please do not plan to attend away events.

Each sport will have their own set of parameters and these will be communicated out on a sport-by-sport basis. We will do the best that we can to provide opportunities for parents to watch their children compete. Specific communication will be sent out to the parents of athletes before each home event.

In an effort to make contests viewable online, we will broadcast as many competitions as possible. Live broadcast links will be made available on our athletic homepage.